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PCR Tests vs Rapid Antigen Tests

PCR tests and antigen tests are both diagnostic tests, which means that they are used to determine whether or not you currently have an active coronavirus infection. However, there are important differences between the two types of tests.

 PCR TestRapid Antigen Test
Result Time2-3 days, but results can be in as little as 24 hoursRapid, as quickly as 15 minutes in some cases
AccuracyExtremely accurate, can detect the virus within days of infection, even in those who have no symptomsMost accurate in a patient who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
Sample CollectionNasal swabNasal swab
DetectionThis test detects RNA (genetic material) that is specific to the virus.This test detects protein fragments specific to the Coronavirus
FDA ApprovalApprovedApproved
False Negative ResultsExtremely unlikelyMore common, your doctor may order a PCR test if you receive a negative result

Rapid Antigen Test Site Locations

When you log in to our patient portal, you will see test site locations near you so you can search for a personal testing appointment. There are options for both fixed site locations and mobile locations. We aim to provide the most access to testing as possible, but as the situation with COVID-19 changes, we must continuously assess the testing needs of each area. Because of this, our mobile locations will change as our team travels the southwest to provide greater access to COVID-19 testing to more people.

Sites and locations change frequently, please call for more information.

The locations below offer Rapid Antigen Testing: 

6009 East Grant Road, Tucson, AZ 85712

7250 S Tucson Blvd (Baggage claim 5), Tucson, AZ 85756
6262 East Broadway Road, Mesa, AZ, 85206 (near Broadway and Power)

To find a COVID-19 testing site near you,
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