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Prevent the Spread of the Virus

As an employer, you may be interested in what options are available to help prevent the spread of the virus in your workplace. Paradigm Site Services provides mobile workforce testing so your organization can expect on-site testing on demand for governmental organizations, corporations, NGOs, Non-profits, schools, and hospitals of all sizes. Our mobile testing trucks will come to you, helping to cut down on missed hours of work and improving turnaround time for essential employees.

There are three main considerations when focusing on your workforce: screening for symptoms, contact tracing, and full staff testing for COVID-19. Because the virus is highly contagious through respiratory droplets, it is important to make certain adjustments and accommodations in the workplace so your staff can work safely and effectively.

Screening Employees for Symptoms of COVID-19

The most basic form of preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace is through relying on each employee to practice social distancing and go through a pre-screening each day before arriving at work. A pre-screening checklist may include taking a daily temperature to look for fever and paying attention to any signs or symptoms of the virus.

Some workplaces may require taking temperatures upon arrival and verbal confirmation of no common symptoms like coughing or shortness of breath. 

Contact Tracing in the Workplace

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, there should be a clear communication structure for reporting their diagnosis so contact tracing can begin per  CDC guidelines . The employee may be able to list coworkers who they came in close contact within the days before their diagnosis.

In order to provide comprehensive contact tracing, it will also be helpful for employers and employees to determine what information may or may not be shared with the other staff members. Anyone who receives a positive diagnosis should self-isolate and not return to work until cleared by a doctor or at least 7 days after all symptoms are gone.

Workforce Testing for COVID-19

Testing an entire staff for COVID-19 is an investment and should have clearly specified goals related to various outcomes. An employer may want to request workforce testing if multiple employees test positive and contact tracing is unable to determine a link between them. 

Testing potentially exposed workers can help proactively identify cases of COVID-19 before the virus has a chance to spread further among employees. Choosing to implement workforce testing for COVID-19 may depend on the type of workplace facility, including whether coworkers are able to safely social distance and if proper ventilation is in place. 

Paradigm Site Services

Paradigm Site Services makes perpetual workforce testing more convenient and economical because we bring the testing to you and your workforce across the Southwest. All testing specimens will be sent to our laboratories in Arizona. On average, you can expect test results within 48 hours. Paradigm follows all testing and specimen protocols set forth by the CDC, including appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and obtaining applicable documentation and consent. 

Employee Testing FAQs

Employees with suspected COVID-19 symptoms should isolate themselves from other employees as soon as possible and return home immediately. Follow CDC guidelines for workplace cleaning and disinfection.  

The CDC recommends diagnostic tests, such as a rapid test or PCR test, to determine whether the virus is present in the employee. This type of test generally involves a nasal or throat swab and will test for viral load. 

An employer should not require documentation of a COVID-19 diagnosis or doctor’s note in order for an employee to return to work or be able to use sick time. Healthcare providers and testing centers are very busy at this time and may not be able to provide documentation. Employers who do not currently offer sick leave should implement a flexible emergency sick leave policy in accordance with public health guidelines. 


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